How to add OpenAPI to ASP.NET Core project. A coding story.

A coding story ( that explains how to enhance your project with OpenAPI support.

Develop Clean Command Line Applications with System.CommandLine. Clean CLI.

In this blog post I will show you how to develop powerful console applications that could benefit of your existing Clean Architecture projects in a great way.

Publish NuGet packages via Docker Release Container

Release container is a docker image that is used to distribute and release components.

ASP.NET Core Endpoints. Add endpoint-enabled middleware by using IEndpointRouteBuilder extension method

An example of how to add middleware for a selected endpoint. EndpointRouteBuilderExtensions pattern.

Advance the practical side of your coding skills with CodingStories

In this blog post, I share my experience of writing a coding story and give you instructions on how to get started.

Task-based asynchronous Pattern and Composition (aka Task Combinators)

WhenAll, WhenAny, ForEachAsync, Throttling, Process as complete, etc.

Awaitable/awaiter pattern and logical micro-threading in C#

Let's build a state machine based on awaitable/awaiter pattern.